Bikini Kitty Is Purr-fection!

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Clean Slate Spa is now featuring Bikini Kitty’s Waxy Kitten Care Kit!

The Waxy Kitten Kit is the Purr-fect system for the waxing kitten who might be victim to irritation and ingrown hairs! If you wax, you must try this!

Waxing pros have always advocated exfoliation as the key to achieving the best waxing results- the Waxy Kitten 2 piece kit has the best of two exfoliation treatments available. Using exfoliation techniques before and after your professional waxing appointment gives you smooth results and keeps those lumps and bumps at bay.

What’s even better? Waxy Kitten’s exfoliation ingredients are made of a natural, aloe base with optimal fruit and sugar acids for gentle, yet effective exfoliation.  Plus, all Bikini Kitty’s products are made with paraben-free, non-toxic, organic, and vegan ingredients.

What does the Waxy Kitten Kit include?

    • 4 oz. Everyday Magic Spray– for daily chemical exfoliation bikini kitty 4
    • 1 “No Bump” Body Brush- for daily physical exfoliation
    • Complete easy to follow instructions

Use on any area of the face and body, this dynamic duo will eliminate and prevent ingrowns, rash and irritation from any type of hair removal!

Bikini Kitty Waxy Kitten Kit retails for $24.95 and provides up to 3-4 months of smooth kitten care.

Get your kit today at Clean Slate Spa!