Clean Slate Spa Brazilian Waxing Bash

That’s What I Call A Party!


Brazilian Bikini Waxing Has Gone International!iStock_000009108199Medium

The oh-so-popular and ever-so painful (trust me it’s not that bad…) Brazilian bikini wax had its origination on the gorgeous beaches of Rio de Janeiro.

It was in Rio where millions of bikini-clad women first slipped on the infamous dental floss style bathing suit. This style of suit, however, required a new approach to personal grooming. One that was obviously quite unfamiliar to most of us in the northern hemisphere, who seem to only don parkas and UGGS® six months out of the year.

But, what appeared to be quite licentious and certainly a necessity 20 years ago in Sao Paulo, today has reached global proportions and acceptable with the rest of us “average” ladies too.

This Isn’t Your Mother’s Tupperware Party!

But did you ever wonder how all those women mustered up enough courage to even call the spa to book an appointment, much less ever bare all to a complete stranger to go bare down there?

Ever wondered what goes on behind closed doors at the spa during a Brazilian bikini wax service? Is it some sort of evil torture chamber?

Did you ever feel it was some evil conspiracy against women’s hair down there? Ever felt too scared to go to the spa by yourself to get a Brazilian bikini wax because you thought you might not come out alive?

Now you don’t have to…Clean Slate Spa has made it that easy to book an in-your-own home Brazilian bikini wax appointment bash…

HomeVisit-1 Oh Yes…There Is Safety In Numbers!

Instead of an intimate gathering where your guests are checking their watches and phones for the first opportunity for an out, throw a little soiree that will have them talking for days! A Clean Slate Spa Brazilian waxing bash provides an interesting (and I mean interesting!), safe (because you are with all your paramount peeps) and an exciting departure from traditional (and sometimes boring) celebrations. So, get out your finest vino and call your closest and best girlfriends… and create your one-of-a-kind spa bash that is guaranteed to raise a few eyebrows!

Here are just a few of the many possible reasons (and remember…you don’t necessarily need a reason) to throw an unforgettable Clean Slate Spa Brazilian waxing bash:

  • Bridal Showers
  • Birthdays
  • Anniversaries
  • Girls’ Night Out
  • Break-Up Partiesdare_brazilian_small

The General Skinny on a ‘Dare To Go Bare’ Brazilian Bikini Waxing Bash

A few things you should know before you get started…

  • Call or email Clean Slate Spa: (262) 784-0828 or to reserve your date or to get more information.
  • A $100.00 CREDIT CARD deposit is required to reserve your date.
  • Brazilian waxes are $70 per person.  Any additional waxing services are charged the same as the spa prices (i.e. brow, lip, underarm wax)
  • A private room with a minimal amount space (and closets do not count) is required for set up.
  • A Clean Slate Spa Brazilian Bikini Waxing Bash is for the ladies only! Send your husbands and boyfriends out for a beer or the game (in other words…no men allowed at the party).
  • Clean Slate Spa provides all disposable materials and supplies, as well as all equipment required to perform all waxing services (we do not, however, provide that much needed Pinot Noir).
  • All waxing services are performed in a private, safe and clean atmosphere (discretion and professional licenses are up-to-date).
  • To BOOK a bash, Clean Slate Spa requires a minimum of four daring souls to experience a Brazilian bikini waxing.
  • Clean Slate Spa will also be available for other waxing services during a Brazilian Bikini Wax Bash.

Clean Slate Spa requires a 48-hour notice of any cancellations.