All New Facial Treatments!!

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Part of my job (the super fun part besides meeting really cool clients) involves staying on top of the latest skincare, makeup, and beauty trends. I love to do research on skin products, as well as treatments that introduce new ingredients and modalities my clients are looking for!

As an esthetician for the last 15 years, my goal has always been to provide my clients with honest and accurate info by navigating through the hype about skincare out in the market, as well as services here at Clean Slate Spa.

So, let’s talk about a hot topic that has made a big entrance in the skincare world. One that uses cutting edge technology, as well as results-orientated ingredients: What is it? Korean skincare AKA K-Beauty! Before you groan and exit out of this post, I want to let you know that K-Beauty is more than another passing fad!  Focusing on mastering the science of skin care and leading the way in discovering new ingredients, textures and formulations, K-Beauty leaves a lot of room for layering and experimentation.  In fact, it’s luxurious, while being easily accessible for every skin type and skin condition, and it’s definitely here to stay!

Because I am a believer in providing my clients with the best in treatments and ingredients possible, I traveled to Florida to train with products and modalities straight from Korea! Upon my return, I started working on creating my new beauty menu, which includes the use of 24 kt gold, stem cells, oxygen, spicules and coral calcium to name just a few.  At Clean Slate Spa, there is facial for every client from anti-aging and acne treatments to hydrofacials and dermaplaning! I am super excited to launch this menu… Click below to check it out!!!

Beauty Facial Menu