Lashes Are Clean Slate Spa’s Passion

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Ready to wake up and take on the world? Ready to skip putting on the mascara “tubes” every morning only to have flakes and smearing by afternoon? Ready to not have to worry about raccoon eyes when you forget to take off your makeup or when you have tears of joy streaming down your face?

We know that after one visit to Clean Slate Spa for lashes, you’ll be completely bonkers in love!!! Well, here is your game-changing chance to make those peepers pop!


 I’m Spreading The Lash Love!!


The Butterfly Effect
No one will guess that they aren’t the real thing! This partial set of lashes is understated enough for the office and sexy enough for that date night. Natural with a perfect glossy-black finish, you can take these lashes anywhere! $150
The Flutter Effect*
    Sexy, timeless,and universally flattering, the cat eye is a beauty shape for a reason! These full, lustrous lashes start out short at the inside of your eye and get longer at the edges to give you that signature, exotic flare. $245
                              *The Flutter Effect may not be suitable for all clients.
All clients will receive a complimentary consultation prior to the appointment to ensure each application is truly customized.  A consultation will include determining which length and weight is best suited for your natural lashes. After discussing the desired look, single synthetic mink eyelashes are applied to your natural lashes with a ratio of 1:1. Depending on proper home care, eyelash extensions may last for up to 4 weeks. However, bi-weekly touch-ups will be required to maintain a full look.