7 Expert Tips for Lash After Care!

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  1. Be Mindful of the First 24 Hours-This is the absolutely critical time where the lash extension adhesive needs time to set.  Steam and water will also affect your lashes, so avoid swimming and hot showers, as well as heat from working out  Try and sleep on your back to prevent premature loss, as well as pressing and twisting of your lashes as you toss and turn. In addition, consider purchasing a satin pillow case, which help your extensions getting caught as they do with regular pillow cases.
  2. Be Gentle on Your Lashes- It is normal to shed about 1 to 5 lashes each day as the lash cycle comes to an end. To reduce premature shedding, resist the temptation to rub your eyes or pull on your extensions.
  3. Avoid Excessive HEAT-Hot baths and showers, steam rooms, and tanning break down the adhesive which will reduce the longevity of your beautiful lashes.
  4. Avoid Products that are Oil-Based-Skin care products and makeup which contain oil may break down the bond, causing the lashes to shed prematurely. If it’s impossible to avoid them altogether, please refrain from using them around the eye area.  Furthermore, you may have to also give up your waterproof makeup, as you will need an oil-based cleanser to remove it. And, PLEASE never ever use mascara on your eyelash extensions!
  5. Avoid Eyelash Curlers-Your lash extensions have their own perfect curl!  Lash curlers only create undue stress to your lash extensions and may even break the adhesive bond.
  6. After Care Importance-Remember to wash your extensions with a oil-free cleanser (1:4 parts water/baby shampoo works great) EVERY DAY!!!  Oily eyelids typically shed faster, so cleansing is super important.
  7. Brush Through Those Lashes-To avoid crossing or stray lashes, simply use a clean disposable mascara wand to comb through them in an upward direction. Brushing through your lashes also makes them appear more “fluffy”.


Peace, Love & Lashes