Beauty Does Not=Torture

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dare_brazilian_smallA lot of new clients have been coming through Clean Slate Spa’s door over the past few weeks – most for our famous ‘Dare To Go Bare’ Brazilian Wax. Most of these new clients are also new to body waxing.  They’re a little nervous, a little curious, and downright a little scared. They have heard about experiences from friends or read horror stories on the internet,  and they’re just not too sure about this whole waxing thing.

They have questions.  A lot of questions. The most common being, “Is this going to hurt?”

The most honest answer is…yes and no.  It’s not as relaxing as getting a facial or massage, but it’s also not as bad as everyone makes it out to be.  There are tons of videos on YouTube
highlighting people getting waxed on dares or because they lost bets.  There are also a lot of videos of friends waxing each other.  Ugh!

There is a huge difference between having your friend wax you in the bathroom on a Saturday night with some wine vs. getting a professional wax service in a spa. Not that your friend isn’t great and all – but when was the last time the words, “Hey, I’ve got a great idea” turned out to be that great of an idea?!

I always tell new clients that they need to be totally committed to the entire service. However, I’m not going to strap them to the bed and force them through the process. I’ll take it as far as comfortable and, if it gets to be to be too much, I’ll make sure their even on both sides and be done with it. No harm, no foul.  In all the years I’ve been waxing, I’ve never had someone ask me to stop or cry ‘UNCLE’!.  On the contrary – I’ve had many clients come in for a traditional bikini wax and, realizing how easy it was, and do the full Brazilian.

Clients that come to Clean Slate Spa, whether waxing virgins or veterans of the Brazilian, continually comment that it hurts SO much less than they expected. I’m always happy to hear that.  I’ve had my share of bad Brazilian waxes (more on that in another post) and I promised myself I’d be an expert and make every client as comfortable as possible.  Beauty does NOT have to = torture!