Circadia’s TGIF Facial Available!

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The Thank God It’s Friday Facial indulges you in a luxurious facial that erases the signs of stress on your skin. Australian Super Dash Berries will brighten, improve exfoliation, and provide antioxidant support in the deeper layers of your skin. The Oxygen Rx treatment mask will breathe new life into your skin using controlled oxygen to clear your pores and soothe irritation. Firming peptides will improve microcirculation, tighten and hydrate your skin, leaving you rejuvenated and glowing!
Frequency: Facial can be performed every 28-35 days.
Downtime: No Downtime.
The Ideal Candidate: Great facial if it has been a while since your last facial or if you want to treat yourself. Great for all skin types, the ultimate in hydration, tightening, and antioxidant support.
Cost:$95 (65 min)