No Shows Are No Fun!

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iStock_000015599584MediumMost of you know that I am absolutely passionate about what I do here at Clean Slate Spa. Each day I walk into work and feel so fortunate to be doing what I love and I absolutely adore my clients! Fortunately, this letter is not meant for 80% of clients who visit me every four to six weeks for a beauty TLC appointment. 

80-20 RULE

This message is meant for the 20% of clients who need a gentle reminder or maybe a new awareness about an on-going dilemma that directly affects myself and those who are committed and love to help you look and feel your beautiful best.
Now before I jump into the dilemma, let me first give a big heartfelt thank you to the 80% of you who really don’t need to read this letter. You are the 80% who view us as the professionals that we are – we thank you from the bottom of our hearts.
You are the 80% who enable us to generate levels of success that allow us to invest in the best products, continuing education to provide you with amazing services and to allow us to keep our business doors open.
For the 80% of you who commit to the appointments you make, who run on time, and who would never no-show on a beauty professional – Thank You!
Now for the other 20% of you, let’s talk…


Before deciding to no-show or short notice cancel, please consider how you would feel if you showed up at work, ready to work, and your boss informed you that they were going to deduct Calendarhours of your pay. You would be upset, wouldn’t you?
In a service business where appointments must be booked for services to be rendered, your appointment time is reserved for and dedicated for only you. I can’t ‘sell’ that time to someone else if I don’t know well in advance that you aren’t going to be there. I know we are all human and mistakes happen like forgetting an appointment or when that rare emergency does come up which prevents you from making your appointment. I do understand in those situations.
Now, for those of you who may show up but are chronically 10-15 minutes late because of “traffic”, let me share what happens…
I may be forced to rush, or will be working under pressure, which results in the quality of work being less than what it would otherwise be. This is not a win-win situation for anyone. 


Starting October 1st, 2016, each client will be given a hard copy of the policy to review when they arrive for their appointment at Clean Slate Spa, just so we can avoid any confusion or uncertainty about the no-show and late notice cancellation policy going forward. The policy is NON-NEGOTIABLE and can be reviewed on the website listed under ‘Spa Info’.
Please understand this is nothing personal, but rather these actions affect the running of a successful, small business. If you have any questions or need additional information, please don’t hesitate to contact me at 262-784-0828 or 
Thank you for your support and loyalty!