The Naked Truth

Posted by on Dec 7, 2014 in Featured Posts | 0 comments

iStock_000014078010MediumEarlier this week, I was reading through the FAQs on the Clean Slate Spa website and realized there isn’t much talk about nudity during a waxing appointment.  With so many new clients coming in during the last several months, I thought it is the perfect time to chat about getting naked.

Just so that we are clear…I AM completely, totally, 100% comfortable with nudity. In fact, I am so immune to seeing my clients naked, that I am always surprised when I have a new client who is self-conscious. Naked bodies honestly do not phase me. Clients of ALL shapes and sizes have stepped through the doors of Clean Slate Spa, and after years in this profession, I have come to realize that EVERYONE has body issues – no matter how toned or tanned their bodies are. I have clients that have the model perfect bodies, with not an ounce of fat still hopping on the table saying: “Oh don’t look at my loose belly!” Yep, everyone has issues.

My point is that I know getting naked in front of a complete stranger is frightening. There is a fear of the unknown and the huge fear of judgment. But, I promise you, there is no judgement at Clean Slate Spa. I never, ever talk about clients after they leave. I completely understand that clients put their trust in me and I feel very strongly about honoring that trust.

Another thing: I promise there is no fixation on what your privates looks like either. I have run into clients at the grocery store, local restaurants, or at sporting events with our kids. I assure you, I’m NOT thinking about what you look like naked.  Honestly, I don’t remember. I look at lady parts all day long and when I am waxing, I sort of go into the waxing zone. All I see is hair! I have been doing this for so long that I could probably do a Brazilian blindfolded, all while chatting away about kids, husbands, work and school. It is kind of second nature to me.

So just try to relax…And, by the time your third appointment rolls around, you’ll be dropping your drawers before the door is closed! Well…maybe not THAT fast.