Turn Back The Clock with High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU)

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High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) uses ultrasound waves to       stimulate collagen and elastin production in order to create a more                                                   youthful appearance.

Similar to Ultherapy, HIFU is a non-invasive skin tightening treatment, which uses ultrasound to help build collagen, while improving elasticity of the skin!

HIFU uses ultrasound energy to target the layers of skin just below the surface. Once the cells in the targeted area are stimulated, the cells produce more collagen — a protein that provides the structure and firmness to the skin.

Some clients will see changes right after their treatment, but results are typically visible 2-3 months post treatment.

You Will Benefit From HIFU If You Have The Following:

*Sagging jawline and brows

*Drooping, especially around the mouth

*Hooded eyelids

*Loose neck folds (turkey neck)

*Thin, crepey skin*Fine lines and wrinkles

*Minor redness and dryness

*Uneven skin tone, texture and large pores

*Tummy, Buttocks, Love Handles and Thigh Options Available


Full face and Neck Lift $700

Full Face Lift $500

Neck Lift Only $325

Under chin Lift $200

Jowl Lifting $275

Nasolabial Fold Lift $125

Lip Lift $125

Cheek Lift $170

Eye Lift $150

Forehead Lift $225

Brow Lift $125

(Arm, Knee, Leg, Stomach and Buttocks Lift prices available after consultation)

If you have any additional questions or need more information, please email: info@cleanslatespa.com

$50.00 Booking Fee Required to Book. Fee can be used towards final payment. 48 hour cancellation required or booking fee is forfeited.